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Jack Squat came into existence in 2005, when Donavon LeNabat decided the Toronto music scene needed an 80’s rock cover band. When the first few gigs yielded little to no cash money, the band’s name was born. Nowadays, Jack Squat plays all your favourite hits of today and yesteryear, with an attitude of fun and playfulness that can scarcely be matched.


Donavon LeNabat

Donavon LeNabat - Keyboards & Lead Vocals

Donavon LeNabat is a stylistically diverse singer and musician, and has played in all sizes ensemble from solo piano to big band orchestra. However, no challenge has been so great – or so fulfilling – as being the front man, keyboardist and leader of Jack Squat. Check him out at http://lenabat.com.




Nathan Whitney - Guitar

A musician of extraterrestrial-like versatility, Nathan Whitney is a guitarist whose passion for the instrument spreads across the stars and stretches through intergalactic space. His technique and melodic sensibilities have established Nathan as a first-rate guitarist, not only on this planet, but also through 3 distinct star systems.


Nathan Whitney


Ben Miller


Ben Miller - Bass

As a graduate of Humber College, Ben Miller is a composer/arranger/bassist who can definitely bring the funk. Studying hard to become the pinnacle of everythinng music, Ben will never truly be satisfied until the crowd is on their feet dancing along to the music. Legend has it, Ben's bass playing has the power to make grown women faint.


Adrian Goodman

Adrian Goodman - Drums

A versatile musician who is adaptable to any situation and style of music, Adrian likes to propel Jack Squat with a mixture of grooves, energy and English humour, the latter of which produces many unexpected percussion sounds and allows him to anticipate and build upon the musical twists and turns provided to the band by Donavon.  Besides being the only member of Jack Squat old enough to be gigging in the 80s, he is the proud but weary father of two red headed grade school girls and relaxes by preparing for the zombie apocalypse which, really, is going to happen any day now, honestly.


MeL Côté - Vocals


Dustin Shaskin - Bass Sub

Dustin Shaskin is a versatile, agile, flexible, and double-jointed bassist who enjoys long walks on the beach and intimate candle-lit dinners. Seven out of ten dentists agree that hearing Dustin Shaskin play bass improves dental hygiene more than flossing. Dustin brings both the funk and the noise!